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Tolliver's Vans RV7a Experimental Aircraft Building Log

'Daryl Tolliver's RV-7A Project'
Well here ya have it.... Another RV Builder's site!

After 8 years, 3 months and 7 days the dream came true. On August 23, 2012 N754RV took flight over Weiser Airpark (EYQ) for the first time. Test Pilot John Bixby took her up for just over 20 minutes. He flew it again on August 24th for an hour. What an experience seeing something you built yourself take to the air and fly.

Then after completing my transisition traning with Alex De Dominics I took her up for the first time on September 24th. And let me say it was worth every bit of the work and time.

For the folks asking how I came up with my N number here ya goÖÖ.. N754RV - 7 for - RV7 - 54 for construction start of May 2004 and Romeo Victor for RV.

September 26, 2012 The Landing

September 10, 2012 The Movie The Final Cut!

August 23, 2012 She Takes to the air!

Guess what??? I had to go to San Diego on business so I got in touch with Dan the Man. He gave me a ride in his RV7 and let me get some stick time. If you ever get to meet this guy don't pass it up. He is a real gentleman and awesome pilot. Here are some Pics for the trip.

May 4 2012 marks 8 full years on the project. Engine start was in April 2011 so should get it flying this year. Kind of like the tortoise and the hair. Every little bit helps.

This site will serve as a progress report as well as sharing any tips along the way.  The RV community has always been one to share their ideas which is what helps make this huge task of building an airplane possible.  I am sure I have friends that will think I have lost my mind to do this.  This will help them keep track of my insanity along the way.

We hope you enjoy the site. We will offer goodies such as:

  • Daily logs for the empennage, wings, fuselage, finish kit, engine and more with photographs
  • Online photo gallery
  • And things we haven't even thought of yet!....

The biggest difference is the kit. The RV-7/7A kit is the most highly advanced kit Vanís has produced, and maybe the easiest to build. Computer aided design and computer controlled production tools mean that the parts fit exactly as they should. Traditionally, the task of locating, aligning, drilling and preparing the thousands of rivet holes has fallen to the airplane builder. Itís not particularly difficult, but it is repetitious and there are many opportunities for error. In the "matched hole" RV-7/7A kit, a computerized punch press locates and punches all the rivet holes during manufacture, so the builder can pull the parts out of the box, align the holes and begin assembly immediately.



This website was built to document my work in compliance with the FAA requirements needed to certify my aircraft.
My experiences and comments are by no means to be considered as instructions on how to build any aircraft.