EAA Meeting August 2005 Updates
August 25, 2005
EAA 774 Meeting Spitfire

Our EAA Chapter meeting this month was a field trip out to Covey Trails (TX09), a very nice airpark in West Houston. Mr. Raybourne Thompson was nice enough to have us out to his hanger and tell us about his beautifully restored Spitfire Mark IX - "MK959".

He has done an incredible job on this plane. It now looks brand new. It was very interesting listening to Raybourne talk about the history of the plane also. You gain a real respect for the amount of work that goes into a restoration like this. If it were not for people like Raybourne, these planes would just not exist anymore.

The last 2 pictures is another project in the hanger which is a RV7. This is being built buy one of our members and will be flying very soon. What a nice and clean panel.

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