Wings Update June 2010 Updates
June 06, 2010
Left Wing Tank redo Proseal and install tank sensor.... - 3.0 hrs

After everything I read about leaking tanks I decided to undo the tank I did and redo with just Proseal. I needed to remove the tank sensor to install the aircraft extras fuel system anyway so I actually had 2 reasons to redo it.

First I removed all of the screws and pryed the fuel sending unit. I removed the rubber seal and cleaned off the old proseal. I used a die grider with a scotchbrite pad to make the removal clean and complete. Next I removed the larger insert which had the cork seal. This was even harder but I was finally able to do it. Same deal with cleaning off the old proseal and cork gasket. It really looks like this would not leak but after a year I guess the cork starts to leak so glad I am doing it now.

Next I drilled the hole for the new sensor and installed with proseal. Then I installed the main tank plate and then the float sensor. I replaced the old screws with hex head allen screws per the VAF suggestions.

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