Fuselage March 2008 Updates
March 31, 2008
More Engine Work.... - 3.0 hrs

Today I called Superior and the new sump is on the way so I should be able to replace the Ryton one later this week. Tonight I resumed with the exhaust pipe on the #3 cylinder. I used a scotchbrite pad on the diegrinder to polish up the tips that slide inside the other pipe. When I put these on for good I am going to lube them with mouse milk. The pipe on the #1 cylinder is touching the #1 cylinder intake pipe. Not sure what to do about this so I will need to check with someone.

After that I broke out the alternator. I installed the boss mounts on the bottom of the engine. I had to remove the starter to get the alternator belt around the flywheel. The belt is too big. Will have to get another. When I reinstalled it and mounted the adjustment bracket I noticed a problem. There is a piece of aluminum bar that you need to fabricate a bracket to attach to the alternator mount to the starter mount. The picture from the bottom shows how the alignment is off and the bracket will not line up without another piece between the bracket and the starter bracket. About the same thickness as the fabbed bracket.

Well I will tackle that another day. Next I found the fuel hose from Vans which is an inch longer and has a 90 degree flare fitting on the pump end.

I switched this hose out with the one that came on the engine. This one fits better and I should be able to use adel clamps to hold it out of the way.

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