Fuselage March 2008 Updates
March 30, 2008
Engine Hoses and Vetterman Exhaust.... - 5.0 hrs

Today I started hooking up the various fuel and oil lines. The first one was the fuel line from the firewall to the engine driven fuel pump. Next I removed the fitting on the other side of the fuel pump and replaced it with a Vans fitting that has a hole for a small fitting with a restrictor hole to attach a fuel line to the fuel pressure sensor. I ordered another restrictor fitting so I temp installed a 45 fitting. Once the order from Vans comes in I will replace it.

I ran over to have lunch with Jim and Ian at Hooks and to look at some things on his plane. I always get good ideas from looking at his setup. When I got back I started installing my new silicone gaskets.

Next I opened up the box from Vetterman to review the install instructions for the exhaust system. I don't want to install it permantly yet as I need to get the new sump to replace the Ryton sump that shipped with my engine. I will call Superior tomorrow.

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