Fuselage March 2008 Updates
March 26, 2008
Preparing for Engine Hanging.... - 2.0 hrs

Getting ready for the engine hanging so today I made a list of things I still need to get done before if possible and reviewing the parts needed. Some of these things are just hard to find.

Tonight when I got to the hangar I was going to stake the wheel bearings to the front wheel mount. Did I get done? NO! I got out all the parts and then messed around trying to figure out the best way to drill the holes. I need to start with a #21 bit and then enlarge the hole in the mount to a #12 to allow the screw to pass thru to the bearing mount which will be tapped for the screw.

I got all the parts out needed to hang the engine. Engine bolts, engine mounts, prop gov, gasket, prop gov cable mount, oil pressure AN fitting, etc.

Also downloaded the Illustrated Guide to Engine Hanging from VAF. Hopefully tomorrow I can run to Phil's and pick up the engine hoist before the weekend and be ready.

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