Flying Time Update March 2013 Updates
March 15, 2013
Picked up the plane from Glo Custom......- 0.0 hrs

Grady at Glo Custom called me on Thursday and said the plane is ready. I told him I was leaving the next day for Breckenridge Colorado for Springbreak vacation with the Family. He said don't worry it will be here when you get back with a prop balance and new weight and balance done by Walt at EXP Aircraft Services located on the field with him.

Needless to say I had a great time on vacation but I sure could not wait to see the new paint job. Jim was supposed to take me up to pick it up but had to work so I gave John B a call and said fly somewhere.... well ok.

Got back Thursday from Breckenridge and flew up to Ft Worth Fri morning. John said he would pick me up at Weiser EYQ at 9am. He was right on time and we blasted off for Ft. Worth. After 2000 feet it was smooth as glass all the way until we started down in the DFW area. at about 4000 the turbulence was rock and roll time. We had to get down below 2000 to stay under class B all the way in from the south to the north side where Glo Custom was located at 52F North West Regional.

Once I the ground I could see the plane sitting out front. I jumped out of the plane and started checking out the paint. All I can say is WOW! Great Job Grady and Brandon. Brandon is a fiberglass GURU. It is beautiful. I got a pic with Grady in front of his shop and then John and I headed down to the Hangar lunch spot on the field to grab lunch before the return flight. I dropped off a check for Walt for his services and then we headed to the fuel pumps. After fuel John snapped a pic of me and then we blasted for Houston.

Once it the air the turb was even worse with the heat up. We stayed in the bumps until around 5000 then we climbed up to 8500. Smooth air again so we stayed there for the return trip. John came up on my wing and snapped a few pics. As we arrived at Weiser Kim and Dave showed up and Dave got some great pics in front of the fuel pumps. Then it was over to the hangar to have a brew and admire.

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