Flying Time Update December 2012 Updates
December 30, 2012
Brenham Lunch Run......- 3.6 hrs

Well it finally happened! Kevin and I which have been building our planes about the same amount of time and finished about the same time were actually in the air at the same time this Saturday. We were trying to make it a four ship with Jim and John but Jim's battery was dead and John had CAF commitments so they couldn't join us. O well maybe next time.

Kevin and I agreed to meet in the air somewhere west and head to Brenham. He was up earlier than I as I left my master switch on the day before. Nothing else was on though but I guess just having the master contacter powered up was enough in this cold weather to lower it to not be able to turn the starter. I put it on the charger for about 30 minutes and was able to get it started. Once in the air the alternator could do the rest since its a new battery. Once up I gave Kevin a call and he was there about 25 miles away. We agreed on a direction and linked up and headed to Brenham. Nice and smooth at 5500. Dropped into Brenham Diner for a burger and some fuel. Check out the pics of Kevins plane. Now that is quality work. If my aluminum was this clean I would just polish and paint the fiberglass parts in some cool scheme and go with the polished look. That is the best canopy fairing I have ever seen and in the over 400 different RV's I have seen at flyins I have only seen about 5 metal fairings. When I got back to Weiser the wind was right down 9. How often do you see that???? Like Never!

Later in the day following the text messages from the gang I could see that with a little prompting John might be coaxed out for an afternoon flight. So we agreed on the same freq and I launched for the hangar. I topped off the tanks and then launched for Jones Itl.... Did a couple of fly bys of John on the ground in front of his hangar. I guess mine are not impressive as John never even noticed. Then I headed west until John got up and caught me. Once in the air John joined up on me and used me for his formation platform.... O well its nice to be used like that. I caught another pic of him up close and then I shot a video of him breaking away to the right. Pretty cool.

After that we headed back and John checked out Dry Creek as he saw the CAF T6 over there on the way out. Then we headed to West Houston for a quick landing and John had to make a head stop. I launched for Weiser since it was getting dark. I'm not night current yet and want to do that under more controlled conditions. Back at Weiser the wind was moving more from the southeast but was dieing down a bit so landing was no big deal. Overall it was a good flying day. knocked off 3.6 hours and moved the Hobbs to 36 hours. Wooohooo!

Gotta git them pants complete and on so I can see the extra speed. But can't miss a flying day with the crazy weather.

December 30, 2012 Formation Time
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