Flying Time Update December 2012 Updates
December 22, 2012
Flying Time...... - 2.5 hrs

Finally crossed the 25 hour mark of Phase I testing. Still waiting on some smooth air for further tests but now that my range can be expanded decided to fly somewhere for lunch with JB.

So I took off about 9:30 and flew to Navasota and dropped in for a landing. After a quick stop I launched and headed south waiting to hear from John in the air. He was running a bit late when he checked in something about putting in fuel or something trivial like that :). Anyway he finally showed up and we headed for Brenham.

Upon arrival to Brenham I switched over to ASOS to check the wind and got a message the diner was closed. Then checked in with John to switch to plan B. We did a direct to for Cameron for some Tex Mex at Casa Cassoroco's. When we got there we filled up the tanks and then we headed across the street for some lunch. We were the first ones there so they were happy to see us. The place is just across the street and then to the left about a block. Easy to get to but don't turn towards town or you will be walking the wrong way. Just ask Jim K about that sometime!

On the way back we climbed up to 7500 for some smooth air.... It was windy but smooth so I got some Air 2 Air shots of JB off the wing.

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