Finish Kit Update October 2012 Updates
October 28, 2012
1st Oil Change...... - 2.0 hrs

Well I was supposed to fly both Saturday and Sunday but the weather just never agrees. Saturday was 15 to 20 90 degree crosswind so there was no chance but just in case I was at the hangar all day. Had to fix a fuel leak so I got that done.

Sunday I got up at 5 again. This time I had a chance. It was still forecast for wind over 10 from due north but it was calm at 7 so I gave it a shot. Worked out good so I could get an hour in which I needed so I could do the first oil change. With the engine all warmed up the oil drained out really good. Took an oil sample from mid flow to send to Blackstone. I did some research and this company is well respected. The trick here is to start out and use the same process each time so you can get a pattern to the readings.

I went ahead and went with Phillips 66 X/C since I can use it for breakin. No more mineral oil after this first change. I changed the filter also. Cut it open and all looks good. After the change I cranked the engine with not mixture to move the oil around good before starting it. I then started it and ran it for about 5 minutes low rpm to get things stired up with the new oil. Then the wind seemed ok so I had to take it for another spin. Got another hour in and then the landing. Turned out to be a trick.... but I made it and walked away so I guess its ok right :)

Ok I added these 2 hours to the build and now I notice I need to make a maintenance page now. But more importantly I added 2 hours to the phase one number. Eat your heart out Kevin!!! :)

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