Finish Kit Update October 2012 Updates
October 15, 2012
3rd Flight...... - 0.0 hrs

OK on the way home it was one of those days. Cooler from the front that came in last night. Solid high overcast that makes it easy to see other planes. Clear air with no haze or polution. And dead calm. So you know what that means.

Only going to get another week of this daylight before daylight savings goes away. So I stopped at the hangar and pulled her out of the nest for a quick flight. Did a quick preflight and started her up. Taxi out and one plane in the runup area. Did my runup and then it was departure runway nine. Took a few laps around Weiser and then off to West Houston for a landing. Cruised around a bit on the way over. Then did the approach from the west since they were using runway 15 at West Houston.

Crossed midfield for a left downwind and then down to the landing. Went ahead and did a full stop taxi back to postion and followed #2 out behind a Cessna. Then it was a nice cruise around the highschool and my sisters office. They heard me coming and stood out in their parking lot stairing in amazement that the crazy brother built that thing in his garage and it really flys.

O well the air was so smooth I just had to make a few more laps around the area as I eased back over to Weiser. The rust is coming off nicely now. I actually don't feel like a solo student again like I did on the first few flights. The main issue with the landings is to make sure you get this thing slowed down in the pattern. Fly the numbers and things work out right.

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