Finish Kit Update October 2012 Updates
October 12, 2012
Flap Control Switch...... - 1.0 hrs

Ordered a new switch handle from Aircraft Specialty. Its another one of those things that makes the plane look professional and finished. A bit pricey but hey what ya gonna do if you can't make it yourself because you don't have a CNC machine.

Aircraft Speciality has great service. Before I ordered it I emailed Steve to ask a question. He said based on a picture I sent him he thought it would fit perfect. He said he would take it back and give me a refund if I didn't like it so I ordered it. He emailed me back and said he got the order and it was on its way. That was Wed and I received it on Friday.

It came with flush screws and nuts and washers with instructions. It was a snap to install. Drill 4 #19 holes for the #8 screws. The flap handle is the wide paddle type everyone is always looking for. Much easier to use than just a regular toggle switch. And it installs without changing out your normal switch. The normal one from Van's rotates and the piece that screws in place keeps it from rotating.

I removed the old labels since the anti rotation plate is labeled with up down and Flaps. Came out nice.

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