Finish Kit Update October 2012 Updates
October 05, 2012
2nd Flight...... - 0.0 hrs

After my first flight a week ago I got an allergy attack due to the ragweed at an all time high. This led to the normal ear infection I get this time of year. I thought I headed it off in time but no so and the Dr. said no flying until better. I don't fly when I feel crapy anyway as its no fun.

However since I was feeling better today and I had the pump back in service I figured I need to at least take the lady out of the hangar and do a run up and fuel check. And of course while I was doing that the next logical thing was to go fly this thing even if it was just a bit.

Weiser was slow only one in the pattern so I taxied out and lined up on 9 for departure. Eased in the power to full and looked down to adjust the trim and wow I was already off the ground and launched. SO responsive. I didn't have much time but I really wanted to get in half hour if I could. Stayed in the pattern and then down after .4. Landing was better but still need work on getting the rust off.

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