Finish Kit Update October 2012 Updates
October 4, 2012
Fire Extingisher Install...... - 1.0 hrs

Well back to building for a little bit again. Tom at TS Flightlines fixed me up with flex lines to replace my hard lines from the fuel valve to the fuel pump. I just like these stainless braided lines better and Tom is the man to go to. I cannot recommend him enough. One evening I was checking my emails and when I answered him back he was online at the same time. He actually took my order real time and had them built and shipped out the next day. This one here next to the filter did not fit correctly so he remade it for me. Since I was sick with an ear infection this week I reordered it and he turned it around in 2 days. Now that is service.

I received it in the mail on Thursday so since I had to install it I figured it was a good time to mount the fire extingisher on the top of the pump cover. Mr. Bixby came up with this idea so I stole it. I only steal good ideas so don't be offended when it happens to you!

Anyway I used 2 AN3 bolts to mount the bracket and then once the new fuel line was installed I fired up the pump to reprime the lines and check for leaks. Next installed the cover and checked for reach. Great place and out of the way.

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