Finish Kit Update July 2011 Updates
July 31, 2011
Wheel Pants ..... - 4.0 hrs

Now its over 6 weeks no power at the hangar. So back to work on the wheel pants. This really BLOWS!!!!

Again this update is over several weeks. I marked the wheelpants after final fitting where I wanted to add a few layers of fiberglass on the inside to wear better with the vibrations and provide a tighter fit. Next I installed the nutplates on the pants brackets.

When I too the pants home to work on the fiberglass I removed the cowling also. After 2 engine runs and several weeks of leaving the cowl on in the hot hangar I wanted to see how the baffle seals were forming. They all look good and seem to be sealing well. I also am installing the rubber seals on the bottom cowl to seal on the bottom of the inlet areas.

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