Finish Kit Update January 2012 Updates
January 16, 2012
More on cutting the glass...... - 4.0 hrs

The weather actually cooporated today. For the last week it has been 2 cold to work on the canopy. Yesterday it started warming up and it was supposed to rain today but when I got up this morning and checked the weather it changed the rain forcast to tomorrow.

Whe I got to the hangar I set everyting up in front of the hangar in the sun and then fired up the generator. With the bubble clamped in place I removed the plastic along the cut line and taped over the plastic with electric tape. This will keep the shavings from getting under the plastic.

This tool really works great. No reason to use cutting wheels any more. The multifuntion tool cuts fast and clean and accurate. You can really cut a straight line. I even cut more off the back freehand using the back canopy bow as a reference line.

Once I did the BIG cut and seperated the windscreen I trimmed off both sides just above the side rails. Then I trimmed the back. Next I drilled about 6 clecos along the top tube to keep it straight. Then I used the diegrinder with a scotchbrite pad to clean up all of the edges.

Its coming along nicely. Just need another warm day to do final fitting and drilling.

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