Finish Kit Update January 2012 Updates
January 08, 2012
More on cutting the glass...... - 4.0 hrs

Ok the goal today was to trim the front and sides to allow the canopy to fit to the frame on the plane to get the final marks for the big cut. I took a shot of the multifunction tool from Harbor Frieght. It comes with a sanding head and one for getting up tile but the cutting disk works great on the canopy.

I put the canopy frame inside the canopy and estimated the front of the windscreen and removed the plastic from that and the sides only to remove the side moldings. I was able to cut it all with 2 passes and all in one piece. As I worked my way thru I used masking tape to hold it in place so to minimize the pressure.

After I got the front and both sides trimmed I used a course scotchbrite pad on the die grinder to clean up the edges. Then I installed the frame on the plane and sit the canopy in place.

Next I will make the big cut and the final fit to the canopy frame for drilling. Just need another warm day or else I will have to heat up the place!

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