Finish Kit Update January 2012 Updates
January 07, 2012
Cutting the glass...... - 4.0 hrs

Well here we are with the start of a new year 2012. All I lack is this dang canopy and its a crappy time of year to be cutting a canopy but I need to get it done so since it was actually going to be warm today what better thing to do than get started.

The canopy was still sitting in the crate and it is on rollers so I rolled it out into the sun and flipped the crate over for a work surface. I used foam blocks for padding with a blanket under that. I used strings to find the center and then marked the center line on the outside. For some reasone 2 of the pics are crappy from the sun. Not sure what happened.

Next I flipped it upside down and used masking tape to hold the sides together. I sit the frame inside per the instructions and found the best place where the canopy fit the top bar and marked where the hole goes for the locking handle. I marked a rear line with some extra room for final trimming. I am going slow to make sure I don't crack it. The final trims will need to be done in more controlled warming situation. Can't really expect many days like this this time of year.

The tool I am using to cur with is from Harbor Freight. It was only 39 bucks but is a copy of the one from Sears and others. Can't remember the name but it just vibrates so flying debries is minimized and the cut is nice and clean. It takes severl passes but works well. I tried it back in the summer on a piece of scrap and it cut much easier. It very similar to the saw that doctors use to remove casts so much safer to use.

I worked on the rear removing the plastic first and then making the cut which is close the the shape of the rear canopy frame. Then it was time to stop to go to a Texans Play Off party. Next step will be to remove the bottom flanges so I can test fit on the plane.

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