Engine Update February 2009 Updates
February 22, 2009
Back to Baffle Work.... - 4.0 hrs

Yesterday was fun but today its time to get back to work. Today started with cleaning up the duct tape residue off the fuel injector. I used alcohol but that was not strong enough. Ended up using MEK. That stuff will take anything off.

Once that was done I mixed up some Superfil and filled up some of the small holes left from the last flox work. This stuff mixes up nice and seems easy to work with. Set that aside to cure and then back to the FAB.

Next I used a hole saw to drill out a 2 and 1/4 piece of wood and taped it into the hole in the injector. Then I put the FAB onto the front of the injector and clamped it in place. Next I measure and trimmed the top edge of the FAB to match the floor of the left baffle inlet. After several cuts and refits I think it still needs to fit a bit closer to the starter which will give me more edge distance from the outside cylinder baffle piece.

I marked the outside edge of the FAB on the bottom floor of the baffle inlet. Decided not to cut this hole yet. Need to do some more research first. These baffle plans dont show any fitting of a horizontal injection type setup.

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