Engine Update February 2009 Updates
February 21, 2009
Monthly Builders Lunch.... - 0.0 hrs

Today was our Monthly RV Builders group lunch. We meet the 3rd Saturday of each month at some place around Htown. This weekend it was meet at Pearland Regional. There was also a get together at Hobby at the Tower Museum and since that was in the same area we planned to attend both. Harley Dave and Dave Jr rode their Harleys down along with Jon B on his 76 Sportster rebuild. They followed me in the truck. We made the trek down to Pearland Reg but it took us so long to find it we ended up just meeting them at the Mexican Restaurant by the airport.

Turned out no one in an RV showed up anyway so who wants to look at spam cans anyway right. Anyway the usual talk around the table at lunch and I finally got to meet Louise Pauls new bride. We had chatted on the VAF forum on some issues in the past. I asked them why they didn't fly over and turns out Polly Ranch is only 3 miles away so they invited the group over after lunch. Now who would turn down a chance to see Val and Mikey and their new little sibling the 3B they just picked up the weekend before right.

I took some shots of the airpark life. Can you imagine you get home from work and walk out to the garage and right behind it is the Hangar and a runway. WOW that is the life.

When I got home and checked out the pics it turns out the one of Mikey did not turn out. How does that happen. Also next their next door neighbor built the F1 Rocket. Sweet looking plane but I took a pic of the Helo he built as well and that pic was gone also. Once we left the Dye's airpark home we headed to Hobby but a front came thru along with a pretty good rain so they even was rained out. We stopped by the museum for a few minutes and then headed home.

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