Engine Update February 2009 Updates
February 16, 2009
More Baffle Work.... - 7.0 hrs

Happy Presidents Day! For me this means a full day of baffle work. First off in review of the new plans it is pretty standard on where the oil cooler gets installed with the new doubler. I clecoed the parts together and then started match drilling.

Once I got the holes drilled I took everything apart and deburred. Put it all back together and marked the hole for the cooler. Took it all apart and drilled the 4 corners and then dremel tooled the outline. Scotch brited to clean up the edges.

Next I put the top cowl in place to see how much top edges needed to come off and to get an idea how much to bend the inlet pieces. Before I marked the inlets I wanted to make sure the oil line would fit correctly so I got a wrench again but this time I put a piece of pipe over it to make a cheater bar for leverage and moved the fitting about 3 degrees. Fits now. I marked the inlets and cut them to allow the sides to be bent. Still need to finish the cowl fit so I am just getting a closer fit all around. Then I marked the top all around and removed everything and cut and and fit some more.

The only thing left now is to bend the right inlet floor and install the FAB and trim the left inlet floor for the air filter. Then I can remover everything one last time to finish the cowl and then I can install for the last trim fit. Then I can fit for the last time and add the seals and high temp RTV.

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