Engine Update February 2009 Updates
February 08, 2009
More Baffle Work.... - 5.0 hrs

Still working on figuring out what I can rivet before it all goes on for the last time. Today started with figuring out how the prop oil line was going to pass thru the intake area to below where it routes back to the prop govenor.

I marked the rivet hole with an X. The plans say to drill a 1 inch hole and mount a grommet here for the stainless line to pass thru. Well I aint got no stainless line. Mine is a rubber coated stainless braided line. I have seen most of the new engines going to this type of lines. Anyway talking to Jim he drilled a hole here and then made it in an oval since the line goes thru at at angle to the fitting in the engine block.

I started by drilling the hole so the line would pass thru and then with the thing held at an angle I drilled with a unibit to make the hole oval. Then smoothed and cleaned up the hole. Looks like it will work.

I will have to get a big wrench to move the fitting just a bit. You can see in the picture the angle is wrong. After that I fit the rest of the forward pieces. I need to fab up the last few angles and the oil cooler and then remove everything to finish the cowl fit. Then will be the big task of triming the final fit.

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