Engine Update February 2009 Updates
February 05, 2009
More Baffle Work.... - 3.0 hrs

Got to the hangar tonight and found a new neighbor. It is the T6 that was in the accidnet last weekend. So I snapped a few pics of the damage.

After that I got started back on baffleing. The new kit is much much better, however I since each and every engine has small differences there is a lot of tweaking the fit of each part. So first I started fitting parts that form the back wall. Riveted the doubler for the screw that holds the piece to the engine. Had to do some grinding on the part that goes around the back of the engine to get a smooth fit. Next I cleaned up the bracket that mounts to the top of the engine and holds the left and right back wall.

Next I fit the other side pieces to see what else needed to be tweaked. Slow going but its getting there.

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